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Private Label Tea and Herb Company in Brooklyn, New York

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Custom Tea Packaging in Brooklyn, NY

Blue Ridge Tea & Herb Company Ltd. specializes in custom tea packaging. In Brooklyn, NY, our facility works with companies throughout the United States and Canada who wish to offer private-label blends for their customers. We are an innovator in herb and tea packaging, blending, and formulating. If you would like to introduce your own line of teas or develop a proprietary blend, we want to hear from you. Tea is our specialty, and we provide a level of customer service and satisfaction that is second to none.

Grow your product line and give your customers the gift of tea. Private label teas are relaxing, delicious treats that enhance your brand recognition and serve as memorable specialty merchandise.

No order is too large; our knowledgeable tea packagers fill custom bulk herbal tea orders as well as smaller orders. We do custom formulations to meet your specifications, or we can pack your signature blends of teas and herbs. What’s more, we finish the job with high-quality custom packaging. Call us today to discuss your special request.

Start Your Own Private Tea Label

Private labels boost your brand’s prestige and are popular as promotional items and as boutique-style merchandise. With our help, you can break into the private label sector for increased sales and profits. We help you get your own tea line started or increase the tea products that you currently offer. We’re proud to be able to fulfill all our customer’s special blend requests, from large bulk orders to smaller ones. For your convenience, we will also ship your private label teas to your customers. As our customer, you can rely on us to be your one-stop tea resource.

We Are Your Source for Facts about Tea

There are many kinds of teas for you to enjoy. All originate with the leaf of the Camellia sinensis, and tea has been prized through the ages for its unique flavor and health benefits. When you want to learn more about tea, just ask. We make it our duty to find out everything we can about our favorite beverage.

Contact us for more information about getting into private label tea.

About Us

Since 1977, we've been accommodating smaller companies wishing to get started in private label tea. Our company formulates herbs, packages products, and consults with businesses nationwide and throughout Canada. To get started on creating a tea formula, let us know what you have in mind. You can depend on us to pack and supply herbs and provide custom formulations and flavors for black, green, and white tea.

Choose Us for Tea 

Our goal as an independent company is to provide superior products that are safe and nontoxic, and to offer consistent and personal customer service. We have more than 40 years of experience to help us reach our goal and ensure your satisfaction. You're sure to keep coming back because of our knowledge, base products and blends, quality control, and affordable prices.

When you are trying to develop and distribute your own private label tea, we streamline the process and deliver a product of unmatchable quality. Your customers will be amazed by the delicious, aromatic blend that bears your own private label. We are ready to out our decades of experience to work for you. Tea and herb blends require the kind of delicate artistry that we’ve developed over the years. Count on us to produce the tea and herb blends that leave the right taste in your customer’s mouths.

Contact us to learn more about our tea packaging services. We serve customers throughout the US and Canada from our facility in Brooklyn, New York.