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Tea Packaging in Brooklyn, New York

Expand the product line of your food company with tea packaging from our Brooklyn, New York, company. Blue Ridge Tea & Herb Company Ltd. helps you get your tea line started or increase the tea products you currently offer. We offer bulk tea orders in a variety of packaging styles, from large containers for loose bulk tea to individual tea bags we’ve got you covered.

Bag Styles

We have various teabag styles, including tagless, string and tag, envelope, and sealed outer envelope. The sealed outer envelope bag can come clear, which we supply, or with custom-printed material that must be ordered from a supplier. The orders for this material usually number around a million, making them incompatible with smaller runs.

Bulk tea bags are also available in various counts. We also have loose bulk tea in cans or boxes and fractional larger teabags for institutional and food service businesses.


In-House Printing

For your convenience, we also do in-house printing of tags and envelopes to eliminate the need for additional financial outlay from outside printers. We don't, however, supply printed cartons. These have to be made by a box manufacturer, which we can refer to you.

Downloadable Templates:

Envelope Template

 Tag Template

 Foil Diagram

Contact us for more details about beginning your private label tea line.