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Tea Facts

Camellia sinensis is the name of the bush that produces tea leaves. The primary regions where tea is grown are China, Sri Lanka, Russia, India, Kenya, and Japan. They each produce different tea varieties due to climate and geography variations. The four types of teas are black, green, oolong, and white. Each type has its own characteristics that must be taken into account in order to create tea formulas that resonate with drinkers. Even something that seems simple like making a custom blend green tea requires in depth knowledge. Our experts will ensure that your custom house blend keeps customers returning for more.

The tea leaf contains caffeine, polyphenols, and oils, which are affected by firing time, oxygen exposure time, and firing temperature. These affect tea's appearance, liquor, and taste.

Black Tea

Black tea oxidizes the longest. The tea is tossed and then rolled to bruise the leaves, breaking membranes to begin the oxidation process. After several hours of being exposed to oxygen, the tea is fired over a fire.

Oolong Tea

Oolong tea is allowed to only partially oxidize, interacting with oxygen half as long as black tea. It's fired at a higher temperature, after which the tea appears light brown and produces a full-bodied beverage.

Green Tea

Green tea isn't oxidized. It's steamed immediately after being picked. Once brewed, the color of the green tea is a pale yellow.

White Tea

White tea goes through the least processing. As a result, it has a much more natural flavor.

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